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Our Immersity AI platform enhances your creative expression by generating depth in digital imagery, converting plane images and videos into 3D experiences.

Transform any Image.

Convert your 2D Image into a 3D motion, adding an extra dimension with depth by movement. 

Create depth and motion fast and with full control on your camera path, with our instant previews before the conversion.

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3D Motion

Explore Your Scene.

Convert your video into a more immersive 3D experience and then enjoy it on any XR device, including Apple Vision Pro and Meta Quest.

Our detailed and multi-layered depth map adds a heightened sense of realism to videos in 3D, transporting viewers into the heart of the scene.

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Enjoy Images with Depth.

Convert your image into 3D and then enjoy it on any XR device, including Apple Vision Pro and Meta Quest.

With our unmatched depth mapping and editing we create accurately detailed 3D images, that will draw viewers into any scene.

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Learn from creators around the world, and get the tips and tricks how they create their stunning immersive experiences, gained thousands of followers, and hundred of million of views.

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The Neural Depth Engine

At the heart of our AI conversion technology, it generates depth maps with unmatched precision and speed, transforming plane images and video into immersive 3D experiences.

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Neural Depth Engine

Unmatched in accuracy, speed and control

Our Neural Depth Engine is based upon our exclusive dataset of millions of 3D images, ensuring a deeply nuanced creation of depth for accurate conversions. 

With its easy preview options, full camera control, and consistency and predictability in its performance, it is the preferred solution by many creators.

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